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UFC Minute host Lisa Foiles breaks down all the need-to-know news for today, Thursday, July 31.
jul 31, 2014
Welcome to the first installment of the UFC Minute! Host Lisa Foiles reviews some of the UFC's biggest stories and looks ahead at what is in store for the rest of the day.
jul 30, 2014
At UFC 125, Brad Tavares lets his hands and knees fly against Phil Baroni, looking to make it a quick night in the Octagon. See Tavares take on Tim Boetsch at UFC Fight Night Bangor.
jul 29, 2014
Nick Diaz está de vuelta en UFC y se sentó con UFC.com para una entrevista exclusiva. Escúchenlo hablar de una pelea contra Anderson Silva, como entró a las peleas y más.
jul 28, 2014