11-2-0( V-D-E )

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Registro: 11-2-0
Resumen: Wrestling, slick submissions

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Apodo: El Toro
Desde: Tucson, Arizona USA
Representando: Tucson, Arizona USA
Edad: 28
Estatura: 5' 8" ( 172 cm )
Peso: 135 Libras ( 61 kg )


Total de golpes atentados
44% Exitoso
Tipos de golpes exitoso
% de piso
Defensa de golpe
EL porcentage total de golps evadidos


Derribos totales
100% Exitoso
Tipos de derribos exitosos
% de submisiones
% de pases
% de barridas
Takedown Defense
El pordentage de derribos evadidos
Resultado Peleadores Evento Golpe Derribo Submisión Pase Método Repetición
Anthony Birchak
dic 13, 2014
R1 Submission


TRAINING: A typical day of training is wake up for morning practice, which is a combination of hitting Muay Thai pads and grappling from about 8:30am-10:30 am, go back home, rest, recoup, and eat, then hit a 4mile run to keep the cardio up and metabolism running strong. Then pick up the kids from school and rest till 5:30, head to the gym for Muay Thai Class and sparring, depending on the day. Then head home, eat dinner, and hit another light road run late at night that helps calm my brain while thinking of tactics that are key against my opponent. On my lighter days I have boxing technique and strength & conditioning first thing 8am, then have a break till 6:30pm, when we have a heavy sparring and wrestling session. That's the schedule currently. Sometimes I alter the schedule depending on the focus of a certain style I want to have in a fight or what I need to focus on that is opponent specific.
When and why did you start training for fighting? I started training after college without many opportunities other than the Olympics. I saw how good former teammates Efrain Escudero, Jaime Varner, and Danny Martinez were doing in MMA and I decided to make the transition to MMA in late 2008.
What ranks and titles have you held? Rage in the Cage BW champion, BJJ world silver medalist, Inaugural MFC bantamweight champion, 4x Greco-Roman AZ state Champion, 3x AZ high school state medalist, 2003 AZ state runner up, AAU All-American 2006.
Do you have any heroes? Mom
What does it mean for you to fight in the UFC? It's the culmination of every drop of blood, sweat, and tears. The sacrifices and struggles that my family and I have made are finally paying off.
Did you go to college and if so what degree did you earn? I did go to college at the Junior College (Pima Community College) and NCAA Div II (Grand Canyon University) levels, where I studied in Visual Communications with emphasis in graphic design and marketing advertising. I did not earn a degree, but I learned I was way better at beating people up than being a student.
What was your job before you started fighting? I've worked for my Uncle’s roofing company for years; I also worked at a sporting goods store, and tended bar, all at the same time for about three years.
Specific accomplishments in pro competition? I was in Sports Illustrated December 22, 2013 for Most Victorious Picture of the Year. Also have won multiple Fight of the Night awards.
Ranks in any martial arts styles: Purple belt in BJJ under Sean Huff of Northside BJJ in Tucson, Arizona, and I also say I definitely have my black belt in Wrestling.
Favorite grappling technique: D'arce choke or Anaconda Choke
• Pro since 2009
• Six wins by submission, three by KO
• Owns 2013 win over UFC vet Ryan Benoit
• Five first round finishes
• Origin of nickname: The origin of my nickname “El Toro” came from my fiancé Mercedes, who was watching me spar one day and noticed that I was like a bull, just constantly coming forward with a relentless attack. She said I'm stubborn and Bullheaded and it just stuck as Tony Toro basically. Anthony "El Toro" Birchak, that's who you’re going to see December 13th -someone who is so determined and won't give up.”


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